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bubbles1 01-19-2012 05:36 PM

Malawi tanganyika combo :O
Kk so I know youll just say first off NO those lake don't mix but I trie to make a combination of cichlids that may be peaceful together... So can anyone help me stock this tank?

Kk so first offi was divinely inspired by this video, and btw I'm on an iPad so idk if this vid will show up or not, and if not go to YouTube type in 55 gallon frontosa, and there should be like white sand and one single frontosa and yellow labs
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

And so I was wondering to set up a tank very similar to that ! So I was wondering If I could have a similar setup only with few small changes... Kk so let me try!!

1 frontosa
4 julidochromis malerier (if not some type of rock dwelling tanganyikan)
5 estherae red+blue
5 labs
2 acei
How's that bro? :p

Tazman 01-19-2012 06:04 PM

First of all too many fish with the Frontosa.

Yellow labs and Red Zebra are very prone to crossbreeding.

Acei, should be kept in groups of 1m 4f.

You will need a massive amount of filtration in your tank and be prepared to do large regular water changes.

I would personally, lose the Frontosa and Julidochromis marlieri and not look at anything from Lake Tanganyika as the water is totally different from Lake Malawi, if anything you can add something small from Lake Victoria.
If you want Tangs, look at Xenotilapia papilio

Keeping a Frontosa to adulthood will require you to have a large 100G+ tank as they get up to 16" long.

Tazman 01-19-2012 06:27 PM

Forgot to mention as well that Red and Blue Zebra will lead to fighting, even though they are different color, they are from the same genus.

You should never mix fish from the same genus unless doing only 1 fish of each.

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