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stevenjohn21 01-18-2012 11:52 PM

How To Cycle My New 125
Im recieving a 125 gallon this weekend and im wondering how im going to cycle the tank as i already have fish from tanks im breaking down. I also need help in stocking the 2 tanks im keeping.

At the moment i have a :
75 gallon with a Rena XP3 & Emperor 400
30 Gallon with Penguin 350
20 Gallon with Penguin 250
10 Gallon with a sponge filter

The new tank is coming with a AC 110

Im going to be keeping the 75 gallon but getting rid of the 30,20 & 10. . . . . so should i just put all the filters from the tanks im getting rid of into the 125 ?

Ok now for the fun part. Below is a list of the fish i have, im only keeping a 125 and a 75 gallon so i need stocking help. I can use egg crate to divide the tanks for different species.

1x 4" Yellow bellied slider turtle
1x 2" Musk Turtle
1x Male 10" Red devil cichlid
6x Convict Cichlids (2 male & 4 female, already breeding) 1x 3" Pleco
1x Red tailed Shark
8x Angelfish (2 adults the rest are the size of a quarter)
2x Male Kribensis
100 kribensis fry (almost 1 month old)

I know my stock list is kind of crazy, but when i first started this hobby i just bought the fish and then found a suitable tank for them after. I know im obviously going to have to find new homes for some fish but which ones ?

bigfish93 01-19-2012 12:23 AM

What kind of tank are you going for here. A cichlid tank? tropical? turtle? Once we get that figured out then we can help you decide on what fish to keep.

Geomancer 01-19-2012 06:54 AM

If you are able to, don't tear down your old tanks until your new one is fully up and running, and fully cycled.

Read over the cycle guide here:

I would recommend using pure ammonia if you are not going to do live plants. You can also 'seed' your new tank by using things from your old tanks. For example put some substrate from your established tank into a mesh bag and place it near the filter intake in the new tank. Or you can put filter media from the established tank into the new tanks filter.

Speaking of filters ... Do you really want that many HOBs? I would think it would be easier on you to just buy a canister so you only have one filter to deal with.

For the fish selection I don't have too much advice. I don't think you can have the turtles though... don't they need at least some dry land? Plus turtles are extremely messy (excessively high bio load).

For the angels, are they all together right now? The big ones might be aggressive to the small ones. They do like to be in a group of 6+ though to spread aggression. With 8 you'll probably end up with at least 1 mated pair, and if they spawn they'll claim an area of the tank and woe to any fish who goes near them. You'll know if you see all the other fish huddled together in the opposite corner ;) Angel's also need to be with calm peaceful fish so you'd have to look into those other cichlids, gut feeling is though they wouldn't get along (in other words, wild ass guess).

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