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ktone 01-16-2012 08:53 PM

Do I have a feeding problem
Brilliant Rasbora don;t seem to be eating I have three Brilliant Rasbora in my aquarium for over a week now. I feed them Nutrafin Max Flakes twice a day. The last three days they don't react the same as in the beginning when I feed them. at fish as soon as I fed they came and it was actually fun to watch them eat. Now they pay no attention most of the time when I put food in. Should I be concerned?

AbbeysDad 01-16-2012 11:17 PM

Are there other signs of stress like clamped fins, hanging near the bottom or the surface???
Because you have a fairly new setup, perhaps it's the water. You might do a 50% water change and see if they perc up.

Is it possible you have over fed them explaining there lack of interest? You might withhold food for a day or two. Combined with fresh(er) water, this may help.

Good luck.


ktone 01-17-2012 07:16 PM

Thanks for your reply. I have done exactly what you suggested. I do now think it must be over feeding. I changed some water and did not feed yesterday. I am now feeding once a day. They seem ok except for what I considerd a change in their feeding habit. They seem ok today so maybe that's a sign I am listening to more experienced people which is always good and I'd like to think learning a small bit about keeping fish.

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