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TommyCalifornia 10-29-2007 10:26 PM

Cory Cat experience & ID please
Can someone please identify the 5 cory cats I bought last weekend? My LBS is 50 miles away, and I forgot to check on the specific type of cat :oops:

I think it is some sort of Leopard cat, but I read there are quite a few types that can be confused easily.

I actually went out to buy a few Kuhli Loaches, but since they were out I got the corys. I have introduced them to a 30 USG long, with about 14 neon tetras in it.

It took the cats half a day to get used to their new environment, and now they are a joy to watch. They seem to play and swim around in circles all the time, and they love the bubble wand. Most of the time they stay together, but there is one who wanders off from time to time. A very nice addition to the tank.

Thanks, Tommy

Lupin 10-29-2007 11:51 PM

Corydoras trilineatus.

TommyCalifornia 10-30-2007 12:19 AM

Thanks, Lupin.

jeaninel 10-30-2007 12:31 AM

Very nice corys! They are so cute.

Falina 10-30-2007 01:24 PM

I agree with Lupin.

Glad you're enjoying them. They're a great fish to keep. :)

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