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jdiaz 01-15-2012 08:06 PM

I was thinking of getting a powerhead for my freshwater 29 with one silver molly and 9-10 fry? I dont want to add the powerhead until the fry grow at about 3 months. But before I even get one, do mollies like current?

SeaHorse 01-15-2012 08:57 PM

Hi jdiaz. I've never owned a powerhead and I'm assuming you mean what they put in saltwater tanks to create a current, a strong current?!!
I have a breeding Callico Molly pair with 13 Fry now about 1 inch each in length so about 3-4 months old. All are in my 75 gallon and I'm using a 10 year old (at least) 2215 Ehiem cannister filter... the out put is connected to a 12inch bar with holes and it sits across the end of the tank. The input is at the other end of the tank which is 48 inches long. I'm effectively creating a River effect and often find all the tank mates sitting facing the same direction, facing upstream. The fry struggle with this little amount of current and I can't imagine increasing the flow to anything more. I don't even consider this to be a strong current really but since they all often face the same way I know they are affected by it. Whether they are enjoying it or not.... who knows.
In my opinion I think it would be too much... but it depends on tank size, powerhead size, can you turn it to "very low" if needed or are they non-adjustable.
Hope this helps.

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