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DaylarFarshot 01-14-2012 10:38 AM

Temporary Goldfish Setup Inquiry / Microbubble Question

Recently one of our Neon Tetras developed this small white patch on the top of it's body and by end of day it was practically covered in white and died. We had added aquarium salt to the water and bumped the tempreature up to about 78F but now one of our old salt/pepper catfish is starting to get that same white patch on the top of it's body and we're thinking about beefing up the temp to about 82F to see if it helps kill off the disease.

The white patch in question looks like a saddle on a horse.

** EDIT: Wife just found pictures of a Neon Tetra that looked just like ours did and was related to Neon Tetra Disease. However, still concerning that our Catfish is getting the same starting effects.

Only problem is, we have a Goldfish in the tank. We're thinking about setting up a temporary tank just for a couple of days for the Goldfish so that it doesn't have to endure the high temps. We normally keep the tank running around 75ish.

I'm worried about it only because I woudl want to put it in fresh water of it's own, but then of course it's going to be stressed with a going through new tank syndrome. But I don't want to use water from our current tank with the possibility of transfering the disease... I just feel like we're in a lose/lose situation right now.

Top that off, if we run our airstones we get alot of microbubbles forming at the top of the tank and it looks like a bunch of foam. If we shut them down, the top of the water is clear with the except of a couple small bubbles being created from the filters naturally. Not sure what's causing the bubbles to form if it's something in the pipping or not. The right amount of conditioner to my knowledge is being used (žtsp to every 10qts = 1tsp to 10gal).

Any help or advise that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

willow 01-14-2012 01:45 PM

hello and welcome.
he should be in a tank of his own anyways to be honest,and no heat is fine for a goldfish,
the bigger the tank the better,as i don't know his size,it;s hard for me to help there,
although if he was big you wouldn't have and tetras left i'd have thought lol :-)
so i'm going to say a 10glln for now would be ok for short term.
can't help on suggesting medication for the trouble you have,but keeping up with
water changes is good.
hopefully someone will be able to help you more.
good luck,oh and as for the new tank you put him in,share some of the filter media
between filters.

thekoimaiden 01-14-2012 05:51 PM

Welcome to the forum. We have a disease section that would be more than happy to help you treat your fish. If you're worried about the goldfish and the high temps, don't. I had to use 81F water to help rid my goldfish of ich. They managed in it for about 3 weeks. They were just crazy hungry all the freakin' time. Another thing, if one fish has a disease it's best to treat the whole tank for it. Many aquarium disease are highly contagious, and if you don't knock it completely out at once, you'll be battling it forever.

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