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Maxillius 01-13-2012 03:21 PM

ok do i bought some duckweed 2 weeks ago I had enough to cover around 1/5 of the tank I told myself
Hey its gona reproduce! but then yesterday i saw one of my black ruby barb eat one ... then the others tried it ...
this afternoon I come back and there is almost nothing left o_O
First they eat my Chilensis old leaves i was happy as it made less trimming for me but then they went over to the anubias new leaves ... :( and now the duckweed :evil:
my black ruby are really pigs -_- i threw a piece of zucchini in there , they just ripped it apart tore the middle of it while the other 5 where eating it the last one took off with the rest to hide in the middle of my bacopa plant
he must have eate like half the thing in a minute hehe

zof 01-13-2012 06:33 PM

Something eats duckweed? Dang talk about cheap food, if I was you I would put some tank water in a container and set it by a window that gets sunlight, dose with ferts, exchange water everyonce in a while and you should have a good source of duckweed to keep adding to your tank.

Maxillius 01-13-2012 06:57 PM

lol ya i think they just try to eat everything when I put my hand in the aquarium for cleaning or replacing something they always try and eat my brown spots or hairs hehe
thanks for the tip on the duckweed! il try this!

angella 01-13-2012 10:44 PM

Your fish sound super spunky :D I want some! But glad I haven't got any as I really like my plants x3

Maxillius 01-14-2012 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by angella (Post 949976)
Your fish sound super spunky :D I want some! But glad I haven't got any as I really like my plants x3

hehe ya the duckweed is the only plant there touching that is alive! aside from that they eat algae! so they are not bad at all :) and dead parts of leaves on plants! but as of yet they havent touched any live big plants :) the only tricky part about black ruby barbs is getting females and male ratio as when they are frys its hard to tell males from females so I have a troup of 6 male black ruby ... too bad for them I cant get more untill I upgrade! at least they have pairs of 2 to fight when it starts they all go at it hehe its prety lively!

Byron 01-14-2012 01:33 PM

This is a lovely barb species. I finally got hold of a group too. I have noticed several fish, these and some characins, nibbling on duckweed now and then.

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