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flight50 01-12-2012 12:31 PM

CO2 Diffuser
Search didn't help me so I will post. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on Green Leaf Aquarium's CO2 Atomic diffusers. Aquarium CO2 Diffuser | Atomic - Cal Aqua Labs - Pollen - Nano

Pros and Cons if you have used them. I currently run a 50gph Rio pump diffuser kit from 8 years ago still. I am looking to go without the use of a pump if possible and shed the need for electricity. I bought one similar to GreenLeafs diffuser from ebay once but it didn't even connect to my hose. It was so cheap that it was not even worth trying to send it back or argue that it was cramp. It was a gamble to begin with. And I am willing to gamble here. Having a return policy makes me more eager to chance it.

DKRST 01-13-2012 08:05 PM

I have one of the 65mm diffusers and one of the in-line versions as well. They work great, but require good pressure to work well. Probably wouldn't work well on a low-pressure setup. The recommendation for CO2 pressure when using the diffuser is 30psi.

flight50 01-15-2012 10:51 PM

Thanks.I almost purchased it by chance, thinking that I can run it. Low and behold, I took a look at my Electronic regulator and its only rated for 15lbs. Great regulator by the way. No more tank dumping. It will go past the 15 mark close to 25 but I am not willing to push it that high. Its cost too much to risk IMO. I think I will just attempt the Rex style CO2 reactor and dump the CO2 into the tank return line from my new canister filter when it arrives this week.

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