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Ajones108 01-10-2012 12:48 PM

Please help diagnose my panda cory
(SO sorry for the large picture, it appears that my phone takes desktop sized ones. But hey, you can see what's ailing him)

I just bought 5 cories, two being melanistius, two being panda, and one cory that they had with their melanistius that I think may be a julii, but they didn't have him labelled. Anyway, I got them two days ago, and they've been happy in a 30g with my angelfish. Its taken them a day to get used to the tank, but they're doing well. Except one panda cory.

They've been a little lazy so I wasn't worried yesterday. But today, I have one straggler. Upon looking at him closer, he appears to have white stuff on him. It looks kind of like salt but clearer, and its dappling his whole body. To me, I think its ich. But I need help confirming that so I can start making him better (and I need a strategy to make him better, I've only treated bettas for ich before.)

Byron 01-10-2012 06:00 PM

From the photo, I would assume ich. As you may know, you must treat the whole tank, so leave this cory in there. My preferred treatment is Coppersafe.

Corys are sensitive to any medications/chemicals, but this product has always worked for me with corys and they show very minimal stress from it. Do a major water change, half the tank, raising the temperature with the replacement water a few degrees (turn up the heater accordingly to maintain a warmer temp) and add the dose of Coppersafe as directed on the label. After 7 days, turn the heater back down to normal, let the tank naturally cool. Do another water change 3-4 days after that.

Ensure there is good water movement from the filter, and go light on feeding. Given the species, I would not get too warm, around 85F for the week is OK.

Ajones108 01-10-2012 10:40 PM

Thanks Byron. I actually removed the cory from my 30g community and into a 5g heated tank with an airstone with the same water from the 30g, since none of the inhabitants of the 30g tank are showing no signs or symptoms of stress. Assuming the little guy does have ich, would malachite green work instead or would it be too harsh on him? I'm just curious because I won't be able to get Coppersafe until Wednesday next week.

You know, my first reaction was ich too. But then I looked at pictures of corycats with ich and it didn't look as large or cottony like my guy. So my mind thinks ich but my eyes don't. :p Either way, I would rather treat for SOMETHING. If it is a parasite ich medication would rid him of it.

I am going to do that 50% water change on my 30g though. What irks me is that my 30g has a preset heater (I bought the tank, heater, gravel, filter, and leftover chemicals from a guy all for the low price of $70 so I'm complaining).

Currently the little guy that I have isolated is still doing okay. He's upright and swimming around every so often so I'm trying not to worry too much, but I do hope we can figure something out soon. :)

Byron 01-11-2012 12:06 PM

Malachite green is more potent than Coppersafe on sensitive fish. I've not tried it myself (as a general medication I mean) so I wouldn't want to say yes or no. I have used it to treat fungus directly, by applying it direct to the fungus which it kills instantly. But I've never dosed a tank with it, except years ago when i used a product called Tonic that included malachite green; it worked on ich, but I've not seen it for decades.

Aquari-Sol also works, though I found it does affect the fish more; corys get a bit lethargic and increase respiration with A-S but never have with Coppersafe. Salt is another often-recommended treatment, but not with corys that are highly sensitive to salt. The issue here is that one wants to use a reliable trezatment that will not itself add more stress than necessary. It is indeed possible to kill sick fish solely from the treatment, since it places additional stress (from the medication) on top of stress (from the ich and/or whatever caused it--and stess causes ich in the first place).

Ajones108 01-11-2012 01:41 PM

Honestly, I think I got a bad shipment of cories from my LPS. The last three I got from this store were perfectly healthy, and active in the store. My mom forgot to add water conditioner until 20 minutes after a WC when I was gone and all 3 of them died. Chloramines in the tap water.

Not only do I now have my isolated panda, but I had a melanistius (looks like a Black Fin) cory mysteriously die last night. I have one really active panda cory, a julii that just likes to lay around, and another melanistius that likes to lay around. It wouldn't surprise me if I lose at least one more. I'm going to go to my LPS later and ask them wth their new fish department manager is doing, because they're failing it up. These cories aren't healthy, and I know its not my water, because my angelfish is fine.

I don't know what to do with this little guy. I don't want to stress him out with medication. He's not getting worse, he's not getting better. What I'm going to do is do daily water changes on his 5g tank, maybe 2g a day. And I have a bubble strip in there now to help move the water. It doesn't look like columnaris, it doesn't look like ich. So hopefully with some stress coat and clean water he'll become active and I can acclimate him back into my 30g tank.

I'm also going to do a big WC on my 30g tank so that if the cories did bring anything in, it won't stay in. From what I've learned this one angelfish is good at going through hard times. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for being here. :)

flight50 01-11-2012 04:28 PM

I would say poor conditioned fish as well. It doesn't look like ick to me. Only the fins are effected without the typical white specs all over it. I would say stress dropped the fishes immune system. Only thing to cure stress is time. Fish rebound nicely if they were healthy to begin with.

I have kept several panda's in the past and they even bred for me when conditions are right. They are pretty hard and not shy. Keep and eye on the fish and be conscience of the cloudy glass eye look=slow death. As it settles in, the fins should repair themselves. As long a the fish eats, it will re-cooperate. If you don't observe it trying to feed, it will fade and have to be removed.

Also remember Cories are social fish. They prefer and thrive in groups. 3-5 Min. Going solo can stress them out.

Ajones108 01-11-2012 09:42 PM

I have wonderful news about the condition of my panda cory. Last night I had a melanistius cory laying on its side and swimming sideways as if half of his body was paralyzed. I put him in the breeder trap and floated him overnight. He was gone by morning. My panda cory made it through last night, was still upright, just lethargic and covered in little spores. Well earlier today my fiance had to isolate another cory that was still in the 30g tank, who was ALSO laying on its his side. It was my julii cory. He was gone by the time I got home.

So William and I went to our Petsupermarket where they see me at least twice a week on a normal basis, and the lady I was talking to directed me to the new manager who had been there for 2 weeks. I told him my story, and he was really curious. He told me that if it was a fungus, they would have rejected the shipment. So we walked over to the fish tanks, and would you believe it? He took one look at the panda cories and was like ohhhh look at that. One was dead, and upon looking at the others, they were covered in, can you guess it, FUNGUS! He unplugged their carbon filters, and dosed every single tank with their industrial strength fungus cure, not available on shelves and safe for EVERY fish. He said "I'm going to give you enough of this to dose both of your tanks. Use 3/4 of it in your 30g and the other 1/4 in your 10g tank. In 48 hours the fungus will be gone. Make sure to remove your carbon filter. I'll also give you a credit for 3 new panda corys so that when we get a new shipment in from our new supplier, you can get 3 healthy ones."

I came home, did a partial wc on the 10g and 30g, removed the filter in the 30g, and dosed up both tanks with the fungus cure. Can you believe it, my little panda cory that has fungus on him is already swimming his tank, and its only been 15 minutes! He's been so lethargic. The manager assured me that he would heal up and be ready for the community tank again in 2 days. :) *stoked!*

Byron 01-11-2012 10:12 PM

Good news indeed. B.

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