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dahcmed 10-18-2006 01:54 AM

Bala Shark and AngelFish
My brother-in-law is setting up a 75g fw aquarium, and wants to put in some bala sharks. And he's wondering if he can add angelfish into it. Pls advise.

Lupin 10-18-2006 02:33 AM

Hi Dahcmed,

Pls tell your brother not to go over the balas sharks. I wouldn't recommend balas for a 75 gallons. They are very skittish and will grow to 30 cm max. Believe me..this is stressing for the angelfish who will not like fast movements of a 30 cm bala shark.

Balas are shoalers and 6 will often be the minimum just to make them feel more secure. The more they are scared, the more likely they'll jump out of the tank or worse, injure themselves from their mad dash.
6 Balas need 150 gallons as the minimum, not 75.

dahcmed 10-18-2006 02:45 AM

Thanks Blue. He got fascinated with the Bala Sharks. Told him it grows to a huge size. We all learn, some do the hard way :)

Lupin 10-18-2006 02:56 AM

That's ok, Dahcmed.
How did he react? Any plans with other fish instead?:)

I'll be glad to help you select the fish.:mrgreen:

How unlucky am I. No diamond tetras in my area.:frustrated:

dahcmed 10-18-2006 09:16 PM

He sadly agreed :wink:
He still wants the angelfish though. Showed him the diamond tetra pics and cardinals, he liked them. We'll probably go hunting next week.

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