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smokeyhill 10-25-2007 01:34 PM

Buying used aquariums
Hi, I'm trying to get into the fishkeeping hobby and am wanting to reduce the startup cost without reducing the quality of my steup. At the moment, I have a chance to buy a 55 gallon setup with hood, filters, gravel, driftwood, etc. for very little money, but the person is a stranger. seems nice enough. The tanks are drained but dirty, lots of buildup on the glass, etc. There is also a 75 gallon available, but doesn't come with the filter etc. Is it worth it to take a chance on them? The owner wants 75$ for the smaller setup, and 80 for the larger. The larger is an Oceanic tank, don't know what the smaller is.

cullens089 10-25-2007 02:26 PM

ive bought many tanks used and they seemed to work out. i would ask if they hold water and then possibly if you could have them fill it up for you to make sure.

GregV 10-25-2007 04:31 PM

i have made 2 used tank perchases, the first one i was not happy with, the second one with experience really helped.

tips for buying a good used aqarium.

1) ask how old the tank is, usually a tank over 7-10 years old should be avoided, they are heavy and risk leaks an easy way to tell how old the tank is, is to look at the silicon, and make sure that is in good shape.

2) next make sure you see if full, because this will tell you if it holds water.

3) check the lighting on the hoods, tanks over 5 years old can have lighting fixtures with bad ballasts that will sound HORRIBLE.

4) when the tanks running look at the filter aswell, make sure that checks out.

5) ask what was in the tank and what they used to clean the tank, this can make a huge deal when buying one, if detergents of any kind where used I would say look at a different tank, because even the resedue of detergints is a pain in the but to get rid off.

6) If they are willing to clean the tank for you this is also a good sign as this shows they care and probably have kept the tank in decent shape in the past.

serpaekeeper45 10-25-2007 05:07 PM

good tips, i have a used 20 gallon (really old) and i just took it and scraped the old silicon off of it and put some new sillicon on, and it works fine now.

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