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Snype2live 01-08-2012 08:44 PM

Cycling New 29 Gal. tank?
Okay so i have 29glass aquarium with hood (2 hand not that great of condition). I have 2 Tetra Internal 10-30 Filters and a Tetra Submersible 10-30 heater. Natural Colored River Pebbles and some artificial plants, that you see in the pick and a magnetic algae scraper and thermometer. I have Aqua safe water conditioner, Start-zyme, Wardley food, api master test kit, and some ammonia hydroxide from a local store. It doesn't foam anymore then water, and isn't anymore slippery than water (not like dish detergents). Label only says ammonia hydroxide with no phosphorous. I have also been feeding the tank every 12 hours 2-3 flakes for about a week. I followed the directions on start-zyme and i dose it again on the 16.I have No fish in the tank. So i would appreciate some major help i had another thread open but no one was posting on it anymore so i decided to open this one hope that's not a no no. I have a Few questions what should my next step be? is or does that ammonia sound any good? its a surfine product if anyone can finde anything on it that would be great.

Byron 01-09-2012 07:34 PM

I am closing this thread because the other here:

is getting some action, and having two on the same topic will get confusing for you and us.;-)


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