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Skyfishies 01-08-2012 03:47 AM

Doing research for tank mates for a 56g tank

I just bought a 56 gallon tank and I'm doing a bit of research for tank mates and I'm just looking for someone else's opinion who would have more experience than me with African cichlids. (I've been into fish keeping for about 3 years now, but I've only been looking after a cichlid for about a year now. I know a bit about them but I like doing my research before I jump into something. I've never had a community tank before and I've always wanted to keep more than one fish in a single tank!)

I already have a young female Kenyi cichlid (Lake Malawi) in a 10 gallon which I will be moving to the larger tank once it's all set up. I plan to get possibly 2-3 more cichlids as well as possibly a pleco or something to help keep things clean.

I've found a few species I am interested in but I'm sort of hesitant because I've read that Kenyi are fairly aggressive. I'm not sure if female Kenyi are less are equally aggressive as males. Also wondering if it would be okay to put a female with other male of other species or would it be better to try and make a female only tank. I don't plan on breeding and I've read that some cichlids can crossbreed.

Anyway, I'm interested in the following cichlids. What do you think?
  • Peacock cichlid (probably a yellow peacock) (I don't know about this once since I've read they are fairly peaceful and require certain water conditions.)
  • Rusty cichlid
  • Aurora cichlid
  • Electric blue cichlid
  • Or if anyone else has any other ideas...
As for the Pleco/something... I'm not entirely sure. I looked at some species but none that I could find would adapt well to the high pH, alkaline-type water. So if anyone has an idea?

Please and thank you! ;-)

Stoke88 01-08-2012 09:04 PM

All of the fish you listed would make great tank mates and really add some color. Another choice may be the Frontosa Cichlid but that would knock down your stocking numbers. I've always thought those were a neat fish especially the ones with a big knot on their heads. I know when I was younger my father had a 55g stocked with a few assorted Africans, a couple Pink Convicts, and a couple Black Convicts. The Convicts are right in the middle of the PH range of the Africans so they should work out. One of his Pink and Black convicts mated and had hundreds of baby's but only a dozen or so made it. Its always neat to see fish breeding in your tanks even when you don't plan it. It just means your doing a good job with your aquarium. :-D

Skyfishies 01-08-2012 10:30 PM

Ohhh is it possible to keep only one Frontosa Cichlid? Because I read about them and a lot of places suggest keeping a group of them, but my tank would be too small to do that.

I'll look into convicts o.o! They're cute!

Aww I just don't want them to breed because I'll feel really sad if they babies don't survive! u_u;; I actually want to try breeding fish one day but I want to be able to afford it...

Stoke88 01-08-2012 10:58 PM

There's a African Cichlid tank at my LFS with a dozen Africans and only two Frontoasa's. Im not sure if they need a group or not. With the Convicts, whoever you get them from may be able to distiguish males from females to eliminate the whole breeding process. But I wouldn't let that scare you away from these neat fish. Just think of it as being in the wild. Not all young survive. I have to remind my fiancee about this all the time when her fish breed unexpectedly.
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Skyfishies 01-09-2012 03:07 AM

Yeah, I'm just sensitive about it XD things can be wild when they're in the wilderness, but inside where it's under my care I don't want to have that sort of thing happen. u_u I just feel like it's my responsibility to take care of it.

I think most LPS overstock their tanks cause most of the fish are gonna get sold quickly anyway right? I'd like to get a Frontosa but I don't know if my tank will be small... I think I'll defiantly get a convict or two though, they're really cute!

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