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whiteslate 01-07-2012 05:21 PM

what to do-not my fist setup
just to let you all know before you read this is not my first tank and my dad kept a 30m gallon salt and a brakish tank for many years. anyway, my brother informed me this tues that his marine biology teacher had a tank with some freshwater fish in it that had a leak and all her tanks at home were saltwater. i have had a 37 show siting with plants and a half dozen ghost shrimp and a bunch of plants that are doing well. he showed me a picture and i could tell that there were 2 zebra danios, 2 giant danios, and what looks like 2 fancy tetras (my dad said he thinks they are skirts) and a pleco.they are happy and doing well so im ready for some more fish. i am looking for fish and have no idea what to get i know i can get every fish in the profiles. i want color but fear that a fish like a gorami would hurt the little danios. i heard that because my giants are both 4in and the "tetras" are close to 3in with tails the goramis would not be violent? i have ph of 6.3 but i am slowly raising up to 6.5, hardness is around 8dgh. all questions you have will be welcomed. so let me know if you need more info. only community fish. thanks.

Geomancer 01-07-2012 06:00 PM


I would take a look at the profiles for those fish, all of them (except the pleco) are schooling so you should really consider getting more of them so they can be nice and happy in a school.

The pleco is really too large of a fish for a 30g. They get very large (upwards of 20", sometimes longer) and are also high waste fish (like goldfish). They start out small... but they do grow! Stores mistakenly say they are good for algae eating, but they only eat algae when small, they'll need different food as they mature and will no longer go for algae.

The profiles will also give you some suggestions for good tank mates for the danios and tetras =)

Byron 01-08-2012 12:56 PM

Agree, browse the profiles; you want soft slightly acidic water fish, and there are many in the characins, cyprinids, catfish categories. Note the compatibility comments for each, and some have issues.

And on that, I would shy away from gourami, as you have tetra that tend to nip fins of sedate fish like gourami, and danio are active swimmers quite the opposite of slow gourami.


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