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excal88 01-07-2012 05:18 AM

DIY underwater crab habitat!
Hey guys, just got 2 red claw crabs, and read up that they need some dry land. However, I put them in my shrimp tank, and having some sort of terrestrial area is next to impossible. But I did discover atlantis underwater crab habitats, but alas, they were 21 bucks plus tax and shipping for a small 4x6 area. Too much for my budget for something that seems simple enough to make. So I browsed youtube for some sort of DIY, and found one that was made out of a dvd case, some air line tubing+air stone, and gravel/rocks. However, that video didn't really go into the process of how you made it. So I'll share it with you guys so you too can own your own underwater crab habitat!

Ok, so first things first. You can use either a 16 cd case, or a larger one, such as a 32 cd case, the ones that are sold in bulk. Take out the CD/DVDs, and you'll be left with the black tube/rod that was holding the CD/DVDS. I used a 32 cd/dvd case, so it was a slightly larger case. Using a dremmel, I cut the tube/rod about 2/3s down, but you can make it shorter or longer depending on your preference. Again, using a dremmel, cut out a 1.5-2 inch hole in a side of the dvd case. You can make it larger, as per your preference. After that, thread the air tubing and air stone into the hollow. Now you're almost done; all you need to do now is weigh down your new habitat. It really all depends, but for me I used an entire bag of gravel plus some stones, and a 6 lb piece of petrified wood to weigh it down as its a bit larger and has more air trapped, creating more buoyancy. The gravel and stones go on the inside, and the petrified wood goes on top of the dvd case. I will get pictures when I can, but yep! Total cost for all of this should be under 10 bucks, or even less if you become creative and have spare parts laying around. Good luck, and have fun!

InvertPlanet 01-07-2012 11:16 AM

any chance of some pics?

excal88 01-07-2012 02:02 PM

Here's a pic, not sure if it will show up or not. If not I'll toy around with it.

InvertPlanet 01-08-2012 08:08 AM

That is neat! Like a diving bell for crabs ;)

How do the crabs enter and exit? Is that where the 1/2" hole in the side comes into play?

excal88 01-08-2012 02:33 PM

Yea, that's the plan, but as of yet the crabs haven't gone inside. Hahaha. I'm hoping they use it though.

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