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jeffnsa 01-04-2012 07:57 AM

saltwater corals to planted freshwater
I ran a couple of saltwater tanks for a few years untill I moved out to the country and into a smaller place. I kept my 55 gl, a 2 bulb t-5 light and power heads incase i started up again or wanted to start a freshwater tank. I picked up a ten gl tank from a friend and it and the 55 have been out in my shed for about 2 years waiting for the time to be filled again. About 2 months ago I set up the ten gallon and am now wanting to convert it to a planted untill i convince my wife to let me set up the 55. Every thing is completelty different between saltwater and planted. Saltwater you need high filtration, high lighting, and tons of water movement and now i see that a planted needs low lighting, low or no filtration, and low or no water movement.:frustrated:. If yall could point me in the right direction for what plants to put into a 10gl with 2-15 watt compact flourescents and 5 platties it would be a great load off my mind.

Geomancer 01-04-2012 08:43 AM

Anubias and Java Ferns don't get too large, and are good for low light. I don't have much experience with plants myself yet. I do know that a lot of them get HUGE though, and in a 10 gallon will require pruning to keep them from over running the tank.

However two 15 watt bulbs is 30 watts total, for 10 gallons that's 3 watts per gallon, I don't believe that's classified as 'low light'.

For example I have a 20 gallon with a single 15 watt bulb, and that's definitely in the low light category.

I assume the hood you have is meant for two incandescent bulbs instead of a single long fluorescent? If you want a low light tank, consider getting lower wattage 'daylight' bulbs. You can also put in floating plants, like say Duck Weed, to provide shade to additional plants below the water.

Some plants do like bright light though, you just need the nutrients (including CO2) to match or you'll end up with an algae tank. Some also will like fast water, for example those found in rivers, but you are right that the majority like slower water. Same goes for fish.

kangy 01-04-2012 09:48 AM

I have a 10g with two 10w GE Daylight CFL bulbs, substrate sand/floramax mixed and a small HOB (until the sponge filter I ordered online gets here) I have one amazon sword (transplanted from the 29g) which as Geo mentioned is a plant that has the potential to overgrow the 10g tank, but even the same type all swords have different "personalities" so we'll see. It's still a baby now.

Anyways, In the 10g I also have some Crypts, they generally do well in low light, they are good mid ground plants in a 10g. For background, I have not yet tried but think it would be interesting, you could do a moss wall for some BG.

jeffnsa 01-04-2012 10:58 AM

I was looking at getting some watersprite, java fern, wasteria, and some type of crypt. I know that that some will grow very fast and need trimming but that is not a problem.

kangy 01-04-2012 11:46 AM

Those should all do fine, the Wisteria will be hit or miss, most in low-light (natural) setups don't have much luck with them though, in lower light they will probably look more like the emersed form. I have some that started emersed and some that started submersed. Both showing new growth but is not growing as rapidly as the profile will lead you to believe. One other thing to note about the Crypts, in lower light they will grow taller and thinner rather than shorter and fuller, hence a decent mid-ground in your setup.

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