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GouramiJade 01-01-2012 09:29 PM

Stocking advice please :D
I am very excited to be upgrading my tank! Currently i have a 110litre tank with 2 Opaline Gourami currently in residence, a male and a female. The male is currently about 3.5inches and the female 2.5-3 inches. My girl is very calm and so is my boy except for feeding time when he chases her away from the food he's eating.
I am upgrading and have yet to decide which tank to go for, it depends upon what fish i can put in it really. Ill be transferring my two Gourami into it and would love to have another 2 female Trichopodus trichopterus, im thinking gold. Ive read so much stuff and my head is spinning with so much contradictory advice ive read around the net. SO id love advice on whether you think i should get two more Gourami or stick with my two, or maybe get more than 2. Also what other fish would be good to get to go with them, this is a huge question mark for me! Im not keen on tetras, danios or similar fish. Id love some colourful fish and maybe some corys for the bottom, im very keen on Panda corys in a group of 6 or more. I also adore Cichlids but i imagine it would be a war zone with them and my Opalines XD but if im wrong do correct me!

The two tanks im looking at are:

Long, bow fronted 4ft x 2ft x 1.5ft

Long, straight 5ft x 2ft x 2ft

Both would be heavily planted with real and fake plants and with two big hiding caves and gravel substrate. And of course relevant filter/heater ect once the tank is chosen.
So stocking advice on both tanks please! Thank you in advance for help given! :-D

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