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jeaninel 10-22-2007 04:49 PM

Something odd happened last night
So I was vacuuming the living room last night, my husband was in the bedroom ironing his clothes, the tv was on, my daughter was on the computer when suddenly one part of the house loses power. My son's bedroom and the wall in the living room where the tv and stereo power. Must have overloaded a circuit. We check the circuit breakers but nothing is tripped. Then, I happen to glance over at my fish tank and the fish are freaking out. The rainbows are darting around like mad. The Sev is hiding behind his rock and is very dark in color. The plec is no where in sight. I walk over and watch awhile longer. The rainbows then huddle together at the back of the tank and don't move. Then they start darting around like mad again. Two of the Boesemanis have lost most their color.

This morning they are still a little spooky but better. Buddy, the Sev, comes out to greet me. I feed them a little food but no one wants to eat. I start to scoop out the food with a net and the sev decides he better grab a couple bites. But the rainbows are not interested.

I'm wondering if they felt a little electrical surge in their tank even though their tank was not affected power wise? We still have no power in that part of the house...need to call in an electrician. Grrrr.

Anyone ever have something like this happen? Just wondering.

beetlebz 10-22-2007 05:55 PM

is it possible that stuff is plugged into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) on the outlet side? If the outlet itself trips you get no power out of it. you can tell because it will have usually a red and black button on the outlet.

as far as the fish I have no idea.

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