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Worldcupkeeper 10-22-2007 10:30 AM

Moving Aquariums????
We originally placed our 55 gallon Chiclid tank in a spot that has way to much sunlight and we need to move the tank. The move is only about 20 ft, so how would you all suggest we move the tank? We also have a 30 gallon tank that also needs to be moved to make room for the bigger one, this one only needs to be moved about a foot. Any suggestions?


Unrulyevil 10-22-2007 11:45 AM

I would get all the water out of 55 g take all the decor out as well. Plants can stay inside. If you have metal stand... than 2 human males should be able to than move it slowly to another location.

same thing with 30 g

Worldcupkeeper 10-22-2007 11:49 AM

Should I try and save as much water as I can when I drain it?

GregV 10-22-2007 12:52 PM

Im moving my 55 tommorow, its only gonna be around a 4 inch move from the wall but heres how im doing it.

I have about 7 buckets ready, one 5 gallon and the rest are around 2 gallons, im saving all this water. I will take the filter media out of the filters and float that in water aswell.

Im going to drain the tank until there is about 10 gallons of water in it, then simply with the help of my dad slide/lift it as gently as possible, it is ok to still have water in the tank and the glass wont crack do to the fact the glass never actually touches your aquarium stand, its actually sitting a 1/4" off of it on wood, so it it designed to hold 500lbs of water at all times.

im also taking this moment to do a 10% water change aswell so all and all it should be easily moved.

mHeinitz57 10-22-2007 12:55 PM

Yeah but your most important goal is to maintain the bacteria in your filter. What kind of filter is it? If you can, fill up a bucket of your old tank water and put the filter on the bucket and just have it running while you move the tank. You can even put the fish in there too if the filter isn't creating too much of a whirlpool, lol. Try to save as much old water as possible too so there isn't too much of a difference in water quality when they move. for the 30 gallon I would drain it until you can move it. Depending on the stand, you may be able to get some people to muscle it over a few feet without draining it too much.

Unrulyevil 10-22-2007 08:02 PM

yep save that water

Mating Slinkys 10-23-2007 07:30 AM

When i moved my 35g into a new room, i simply took out 1/2 the water as if doing a 50% water change, then me and my housemate were able to slide it into another room, rather than lifting it. Once i got it in it's new place i simply carried on with the water change.

I was a little worried, as we left te fish in it, about the stress i was causing, but i figured it was less than emptying the whole thing, chasing them all with nets, putting them in bags and so on.

But do be careful about your back, make sure that you can cope with the weight of the 55, and take out more water if needed, and if it's still too heavy then yeah, go with the plan to empty it all out and move it empty.

I don't know what your decor is, but make sure that any heavy rocks are taken out first, not only to save you carrying them in the tank, but also it you are shifting it they might fall over and smash the tank, which wouldn't be fun for anyone!

Hope it all goes well, let us know!

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