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bubbles1 12-31-2011 10:31 PM

Reptile enclosure mixing.. :)
I have had much expierience with reptiles in the past, and now I'm starting new!
I want to set up a new tank!! Or cage :p I really want a diverse wtank with much activity and diverse species!

Currently haven't bought a tank yet, but will buy any nesscesities! And what I was wondering if I can mix lizard species?
Species like:
Uromastyx and bearded dragons
Corn snake and turtle/tortoise
Water dragon and pacman frog or mountain horned dragon
Mixed rainforest tank, with like tree frogs anoles house geckos and fire belly frogs or newts?

I just want some cool peaceful combinations that I can create a cool terrarium!!

And if anything make up any other possibilities thanks!!

Thanks for any ideas! :)

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