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AbbeysDad 12-31-2011 09:46 AM

Bloat, constipation or dropsey
About 8 weeks ago one of my red wag platys began to look a bit heavy. At first it seemed no surprise as the platys have always been quite the pigs when it comes to eating. I sat by in ignorance as she got bigger and bigger and never really saw her poop. By the time it really hit me she was in trouble, she stopped eating and today she was belly up on the bottom.
I'm thinking she either had Dropsey or severe constipation due to an intestinal blockage and perhaps if I had acted sooner and fed shelled peas, it might have cleared up. I don't know. Although the rest of the fish, except for the sickly Molly I have all look very good, I think I'll cut back on the food some.
Like most everyone here, I always hate losing a fish, especially when I think maybe I should or could of done something better or different to prevent it.

Romad 01-01-2012 08:02 AM

Sorry to hear about your Platy :(

Is there any chance she was preggers? My females seemed to be in a perpetual state of pregnancy and I did lose a few after the swelled up considerably. I assumed it was that they had trouble delivering the fry.

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