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baxters tank 12-31-2011 12:10 AM

Help dont know what fish I inherited??
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Hi There,
We have recently been given a warm freshwater tank and I have a couple of aggresive fish that keep killing any new fish we introduce, Just wanting to find out what they were so that I can maybe get them some females or maybe some males??

I have googled them and I thought that we had a gourami 3 spot and a Melanochromis Johannii, so I went and bought 3 female gourami's and got them home and they dont look the same at all. I know that males look different but they dont even have the same fin structure.

So I have attached a picture of each of them and Im hoping someone can help.

Thanks Heaps
Confused :-?

Byron 12-31-2011 06:18 PM

Not surprising, that.:-( Both are cichlids, the latter is as you correctly identified a Melanochromis johannii, and the first is Hemichromis bimaculatus, commonly called the Jewel Cichlid. This one is in our profiles, click the shaded name for info.

Both are aggressive fish. The blue is a rift lake cichlid, that should only be kept with other rift lake fish in largish tanks. We have some cichlid experts here who can add to this generality.

The Jewel should be in a 4-foot tank (it attains 6 inches), with medium sized fish as noted in the profile.


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