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Lynxinater 12-30-2011 11:22 PM

Mystery Snail Eggs
My friend recently gave me 4 mystery snails, which she won in an auction and just had too many of, I've never really kept snails before but it's simple enough I tossed them in my fry tank since it's only got artificial plants and as I was about to perform a water change today I noticed 2 egg clutches on the top rim.... Any one have any details on the care of these, or how long it takes them to hatch or... anything... My friend is very jealous lol I guess none of hers have ever laid eggs.

GilbertonFisher 12-31-2011 12:10 AM

Just leave them alone for now. In a week or so you should see the clutches changing color. In a warm environment, about 70* ambient, the clutches hatch out in 2-4 weeks.

If they dont hatch in 4 weeks you can check to see if they are fertile by breaking a chunk off. If it is a dudd there will only be goo inside, if its fertile you should see little snails developing.

I had a couple clutches hatch after almost 2 months because i keep my house cooler ~60*-65*

Good luck!

Lynxinater 12-31-2011 02:08 AM

Right on, thank you, the little purple one is always riding on the big brown one so they must be the proud parents, hopefully I get some purple babies.

Oh, and, our house sits at 70 at night and 73 during the day right now, so warm is easy.

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