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fishyfarts 12-29-2011 12:30 PM

Filtration in a breeder
I'm looking for ideas on filter setups for a 40 G breeder that will be heavily planted.
I have a Aqua Clear 30 power head and a little Aqueon 10 (from orig 15g kit) that I was going to use (both) but it seems silly to have two pumps sitting up there churning away.
Also, I'd like to run the flow of the pump lengthwise to simulate a current which my cherry barbs seem to love. How can this be done with a proper hood. The only cover I could find so far for the breeder size tank is a flat glass with a flexible rubber hinged door. How can you fit things through a glass cover without holes. Maybe there's holes - I haven't opened incase I need to take it back and get something else.
Does anyone mount power heads on the tank 'sides' instead of the backside, or do I need a different pump?
I don't have a lot of money to spend and I'd like to make what I have work if I can.
I welcome your suggestions

Quantum 12-29-2011 01:17 PM

The standard glass lids have a plastic strip along the back that can be cut to accommodate filters and such, if that's what you mean.

The best way to get the lengthwise movement is with a canister filter so that the intake and output can be placed on opposite ends of the tank. The Eheim 2211 or Rena XP1 are ones that come to mind sized for that size tank.

The flow from the HOB will be more concentrated.

You could rig something up with the powerhead if you wanted a DIY project. Saw this online somewhere, but don't remember where. Using PVC or similar set up a system where there is a sponge filter on one end connected via PVC pipe and elbows to the intake of the powerhead. The length of the PVC pipe would be about 32-34 inches so that the sponge/intake would be at one end of the tank and the powerhead/ouput would be at the other. All the plumbing would be under the substrate so that only the sponge and powerhead are exposed. To this I would try to add some sort of spraybar for the powerhead so the current is somewhat diffused.

Edit: Found the website with the manifold design, the design is for more water movement than what you would likely need, but I think it would still work with the smaller powerhead and spraybar.

fishyfarts 12-29-2011 01:27 PM

Yes. That is what I was thinking too. I would love a canister filter but it's not in the cards atm. So I guess it's a hot rodded power head then. Cool

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