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ckwolf 12-28-2011 03:29 PM

37 Tall Planted
Here it goes again. So this is an Eclipse 37 tall that has been running for years. It has been in this aqua scape for over a year and I am getting bored. The current inhabitants are

2 black mollies (M/F)
3 Swords (2M/F)
1 Sunburst platy (F)
4 Albino Tiger Barbs
2 Neon Tetras
1 Opaline Gourami

Water Sprite
Mystery Sword (Can't remember what it is)

Right now the plan for the tank is a complete redesign. I am going to go to a local pond and pick up some driftwood/stumps to put into the tank.
As far as inhabitants go I want to get rid of my Gourami. I will add some more neon tetras(+3). My big addition will be two Bolivian Rams (m/f). I would also love to add some kind of shrimp to the tank if possible either Ghost or Cherry. If anybody has experience will these shrimp I would love to here it. Pics to come of the new driftwood.

ckwolf 12-29-2011 10:31 PM

So I went to the local pond and picked some cool pieces of dry wood. It is an old stump that was sitting in the water and I am sure it has been there for years. So I pulled it out and brought it back. I let it stay outside for a few days to ‘bake’ in the sun and then we had a heavy rain storm so it got off a lot of the mud and other stuff. The whole piece was about 60 inches from end to end and about 20 inches at its widest point. Meaning I had no chance to fit the whole piece in the tank

So I cut it in half and I am really happy with the pieces I got out of it. I gave it a bath and I am trying to figure out how I want the tank to look.

As far as the future livestock for the tank I have decided to get shrimp. I really like ghost shrimp(Palaemonetes paludosus) and Red Cherry Shrimp(Neocaridina Heteropoda) but further research is needed, but I am leaning toward cherry shrimp. I plan on getting rid of the Gourami so that will make the tank more peaceful. Questions, comments, concerns, or anything else please post!

Jayy 12-29-2011 10:38 PM

If you want to make your tank more peaceful, your best bet would to either get rid of your tiger barbs or add 6 more.

Quantum 12-29-2011 10:43 PM

not sure how safe that wood is (pathogens), but if you use it I would place it vertically, the standard 37 gal is relatively tall and having the height would fill the space nicely

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