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fishyfarts 12-28-2011 08:19 AM

New to big tanks and have been having water issues.
For about two years I have been running a 15 gallon tall Aqeon tank kit that was a x-mas present from my mother-in-law. I had real good luck with it for the longest time and then this last summer I started having water clarity issues which might have stemmed from my use of a black sand substrate and our well water. Recently, I have gone back to gravel and the tank stayed clean for awhile but my well water tends to have a lot of iron bacteria in it and after that was done algae has started to go nuts.

Well said mother-in-law just gave me another kit for x-mas with a 20 gallon low tank which I didn't think was a big enough jump for me so I took it back and replaced it with a 40 gallon (breeder) which was only $40 at petco!.
I'd like to avoid the problems I had with the smaller tank. Is it possibly going to be easier to stay on top of things with the larger tank? I've heard it can be.
I'm going to be transferring my loyal four Cherry barbs and five neon tetras to the new tank and I'd like to get some more interesting fish but for right now I'm just wanting to keep a clean tank for awhile.

It just seems I'm at a deficit right off the bat with the well water and I'm wondering if there is anyone who has similar problems with well water.

Also, is there a hood that is available so I can run my power heads at the end of the tank so it sets up a current across the tank?

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