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Philnominal 12-28-2011 02:46 AM

Angelfish and Yasuhikotakia modesta
I was wondering if these two would be compatible together? I am setting up a 75 gallon atm and am trying to plan out my stocking list. Thing is i have read that the blue botia are fin nippers and i was wondering if they would tear the angel apart? I would be planning on a group of im guessing around 5.

So far for the tank stocking im thinking of going with:
1 Severum
1 Angelfish
1 African Butterfly Fish
1 Senegal Bichir
1 BN Pleco
5 Blue Botia

I was thinking with that number any fighting should be kept in group right?

Byron 12-28-2011 05:43 PM

Yasuhikotakia modesta is in my view not a good choice for what you are planning. We have this species in our profiles and it mentions tankmates as larger barbs, and the same recommendation exists over at Loaches Online. Attaining 7-10 inches, and requiring a group, means a lot of activity and trouble in a 75g even aside from their feisty temperament. The Bichir seems problematic with these as well.

A better loach for what you are planning would be Botia kubotai. There are some similar species, but nipping upper fish is a risk. I've not kept the bichir, but I would caution that from what I have read this might not be the best tankmate for sedate fish like angels; the bichir's nocturnal foraging would likely be stressful. Bichirs also require water movement, something angelfish do not appreciate. These two species come from quite different habitats.

On angelfish, you should have a group, 5-6. They are a shoaling fish with a social structure and this is natural to them; acquiring them together is necessary. This is explained in our profile. While the Severum wold likely be a suitable companion, there may not be sufficient room in a 75g with the angels.

Pantodon buchholzi is an interesting fish, and is best in a pair (male/female) or a small group. The interactions between fish is fascinating. I had a pair for many years, and would have them again if I had a suitable tank available, but all my tanks have small surface fish that would quickly be eaten.:-(


Philnominal 12-28-2011 10:15 PM

I used to have one in my 55 gallon and i loved it, how would you be able to tell male and female apart? Alright i think ill lose the bichir and the botia.

-edit- also the focus on this tank is the severum, and well my mom and sister are set on an angel... As it is im butting heads with the both of them enough and since it is a family tank in which my parents are shelling the money out i dont think there is a way for me to avoid getting the angel. Would it be better if i tried to get a pair? I would be worried about aggression problems should they decide to mate though.

Philnominal 12-28-2011 10:56 PM

what about something like this?:
1 Severum
4-5 Angelfish
1 Bristlenose Pleco
6-8 Cory cats, (probably emerald do to their larger size)
And im gonna try to find a large apple snail too, hopefully wont get bugged to by the sev. (planning on getting the cichlids small as my lfs's always have baby angels and a local petsuppermarket has green and gold sev's at about 1 inch and under)

Me and my dad would prefer some more preditors but i garentee the bosses win... If at all possible to keep an angel alone and happy i would deff prefer that but at the same time i do not wish to have unhappy fish.

My prefered stock list after your suggestions would be:
1 severum
1 Angelfish
5 Angelicus Loaches
1 BN pleco

Byron 12-29-2011 11:00 AM

With angelfish, unless you have a mated pair for breeding, they are better in a small group. Fish are living creatures, just as dogs and horses...and common sense tells us we can't keep a horse in a bedroom or the back yard (unless you're on a farm of course;-)), nor a dog in a small wire cage in the back yard. And my point here is that an animal must be fully understood and its needs provided for it to be truly healthy and happy. One might argue as to how an animal experiences "happiness" but there can be no argument on the healthy side, and the two are connected in humans and domesticated animals so wild animals should be little different.

Angelfish are shoaling fish; in their habitat they live together in groups, and they establish a hierarchy within that group. This is how they are programmed by nature. To deny any fish what it naturally expects is not going to be in the fish's best interest, and its health is most likely affected somehow. This is why so many of us keep recommending research to know the needs of each species before acquiring it. When I was young (and that was several decades ago:-)) we had one of those round bowls on the buffet in the dining room, in which we had 2 goldfish. The goldfish never lived long, maybe several months, and were continually being replaced. Goldfish can live for decades too, and should--if they are healthy and being given what they need in terms of space and care. When we decide to acquire any fish, we have a responsibility to understand its needs and provide for them.

It is not easy to discern the sex of angelfish until they are mature enough that the breeding tube is visible; the female's is thicker. But angels do not always mate with any other fish. An incompatible pair can result in the male killing the female. Another reason for a small group, so they can select their mates.

On the African Butterfly male/female, the male has a distinct notch in the anal fin, whereas the female's is rounded. Seen together, this is unmistakable.

Philnominal 12-29-2011 11:58 AM

I keep many types of animals and i fully understand this, that is why i am asking questions here as care sheets can conflict with one another. I was actually thinking of getting a group originally and waiting for 2 to pair off.

Now I'm going to attempt to talk those who are set on angels into something else that is more practical with a tank this size.

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