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camjack 10-18-2007 01:41 PM

Blue ram not feeding
I have a male blue ram in a 60 litre planted tank. I have also got some tetras and 3 guppies in the tank.

I am having trouble getting the ram to eat. i have bought flake food which he spits out, tetraprima granules which he doesn't touch. The only food he eats is frozen bloodworms, which I can't feed him 3 times a day!! Any advice on getting him to feed?

Also what is the maximum number of rams I can keep in a 60l planted tank?


willow 10-18-2007 02:22 PM

i would try and feed some other freez food,
mabe a cichlid mix perhaps,there are other live and frozen
food you can try, perhaps try crushing a little bit of flake
food and feed it when you add the frozen food perhaps.
Did he eat flake when you first bought him ?
if he did are you still feeding the same flake or have you changed it.?
can't help on how many in there but would have thought
no more than one male and a couple of females.
sorry ment to add Welcome aboard.:)
maybe you could post a pic of the tank ? :)

Falina 10-18-2007 04:58 PM

60 litres is only 15 gallons so I wouldn't keep rams in it I'm afraid.

Willow gave some good suggestions for food. Try other types of frozen food like broine shrimp which are much better for him than bloodworms.

Are you feeding 3 times a day? Ususally once a day is plenty.

Lupin 10-18-2007 05:27 PM

15 gallons should be sufficient for a pair of blue rams. You can't feed them with bloodworms thrice a day. Excessive use of bloodworms has often lead to bloat in many cases. When did you buy the ram?

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