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BoSoxSYCO 12-24-2011 06:50 PM

Need help with cycling
Hi Guys!

New member, 1st post. 2nd tank.

I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 over sized Oscars that have been in there for 18 months. I set up a 90 gallon tank on Thursday to move them into. I'm using a NEW Aqueon Quiet Flow 55/75 400 GPH and a Marineland Penguin w/Bio-Wheel 350 GPH that I took out of my existing tank (I had 2 of these on my existing tank). I added about 2 pounds of existing gravel to the new tank. I used TopFin Water Conditioner and Bacteria Supplement on Thursday. I noticed today the water was a cloudy white color. I am assuming this is the bacteria bloom stage.

The guy at the pet store suggested I use a few feeder fish in the tank to assist in the cycling, so I added 7 today. He also suggested I remove 50 gallons from the existing tank, put the fish in a bucket, siphon the existing water into the new tank and then put the fish in the new tank. At 1st I thought he was crazy, but then I thought about them having more than 2/3 of their existing water in the new tank. It would be like doing a big water change.

What should I do?

Right now the new tank is:

Ammonia: .2
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
Alkalinity: 80
pH: 7.5
Temp: 80 Degrees

Thanks guys

tomncassie 12-24-2011 10:35 PM

Im not understanding right,but I dont think that using the water from your old tank to your new tank well do any good in fact it wouldnt be a water change if your putting old water to a new tank'What are the 7 feeder fish?If your using all your old filters I would guess that you have the bio you need to start the new tank and maybe if anything you will have to keep an eye out for a mini cycle.

zof 12-25-2011 12:34 AM

Welcome to TFK, first of all get those feeder fish out of your tank, feeders are known to be kept in very bad conditions and prone to a lot of diseases which could infect your oscars. If you want to cycle with some fish use some cheap livebearers but even with these you run a chance of bringing something in so best method is to just cycle with ammonia.

I'd go ahead and complete the cycle with out moving to oscars over until its ready. I actually do transfer over water to the new tank from the old but that is because in my established tanks my pH runs about 7.6 where fresh tap water runs 8 (actually 7 due to co2 in my water then raises as it comes out), this is simply to buffer the water so the fish don't under go such a dramatic change.

The bloom is most likely due to the bacteria supplement, speaking of which, which one are you using? Some members might be able to guide you better on that.

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