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kangy 12-21-2011 11:26 PM

Wisteria Conversion from Emerged to Submerged
I picked up a Wisteria tube plant from Petco in the emerged form. I planted half of it and let the other half float. How does the change from emersed to submerged form take place? Will it drop the leaves and grow new ones? Will it only grow the new submerged leaves on new stem growth?

Since it's a stem plant I assume it will just keep getting longerand the old emerged leaves will probably hang around or die off in time. But new leaves will not "replace" them as the new submerged growth is only on new stem growth. Therefore after it grows and gets trimmed a few times (I will trim from the bottom and replant the top) the emerged leaves will phase themselves out.

I'm interested to see how the floaters do compared to the planted stems

haha sorry I've been hooked on understanding the smallest details :)

Byron 12-22-2011 02:00 PM

I don't have good luck with Wisteria, I have insufficient light intensity. When i did try it, the stems left floating obviously did better being closer to the light. So I didn't really get a true feel for submersed/emersed growth replacement. I believe that if the emersed leaves die off they will not be replaced, the stem will be bear and need to be trimmed.

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