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kangy 12-21-2011 11:12 PM

New Plants (when I only went in for shrimp)
So I stopped at Petco on the way home to grab some ghost shrimp and ended up walking out with a couple tubes and one potted plant. Damn that buy 2 get 1 free sale. I got one tube of Wisteria and one tube of Pennywort. I figure since both of them float that will provide more cover until I can get some duckweed/frogbit/salvenia. I also got another Crypt since I really wasn't too fond of the micro swords.

Anyways, while the shrimp were acclimatizing in the drip bucket one of them hopped out and got eaten by the dog. I started with 10 and now have 9 lol. I cleaned up the tubed stem plants and floated half and used the other half to hopefully provide some more cover over the filter. I put one of the new Crypt (the pot actually had two decent plants) in front of the driftwood where the micro swords were and tossed that in the drip bucket. The other I planted in the back, it is kind of hidden due to the smaller wood but looks great from the side.

After putting in the shrimp I decided instead of tossing the micro sword it won't hurt to scatter it randonly, never know it may just take off in one spot. So that has a few stems in about 5 random spots. The one thing I'm not sure about is the Wisteria, since it was in a tube it has all the emersed leaves on it. Guess I'll just have to wait out for the new subgmerged growth.

New full shot. Sorry about the blur, camera was acting up and the water is cloudy from me screwing around in it.

Here is the new front Crypt (and next to it one of my random blotches if the micro sword

New Wisteria and Pennywort mingling with the Anacharis

Second Crypt and a side shot of the planted Wisteria and Pennywort Stems

Closeup of the back left corner

Boredomb 12-21-2011 11:40 PM

Its looking good. I am not sure what happens with the new submerged form of Wisteria. I have some that is emerged and the leaves are much bigger then yours.

kangy 12-21-2011 11:51 PM

I think your looking at the Bacopa, which is the tall stem plant in the corner and has smaller leaves. The Pennywort and Wisteria are the two shorter plants directlly in front of the filter (Wisteria on the left and pennywort on the right both kind of leaning in and touching. The wisteria leaves are bigger and from looking at the profile identical to the emerged photo, the pennywort has about the same size leaves which I assume will get larger from photo's I've seen of it. Both were in the 8" tubes but are only about 5" each.

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