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fish_4_all 10-17-2007 05:03 PM

Anyone grow Edible Mushrooms?
First, let me be clear, I am not talking about shrooms, magic mushrooms, hallucination mushrooms or anything illegal here. I am talking about button mushrooms, ****taki, Portabella, Oysters and other edible mushrooms.

Ok, now that that is out of the way. Does anyone know how to grow the edible types of mushrooms at home in small boxes, jars or other mini farms? I want to grow them and I am thinking about getting a culture of redworms going to compost for me so I have compost for the mushrooms.

Anyone have any information that will help?

willow 10-18-2007 03:01 AM

the only way i know of growing mushies is to buy
a kit from a store,everything you need in a little box.
you can buy kits on line too.
sorry if that's of no help.

Mirta 10-19-2007 11:45 AM

I love mushrooms. I usually go to the forest to gather them in summer-autumn. The mushrooms I get there cannot be grown at home. I would also like, however to learn how to grow button mushrooms at home - just for fun!

fish_4_all 10-19-2007 06:11 PM

Yah, I go once in a while and get Chentrells in the wild and if i get really lucky I find some Chicken of the woods but I want some Oyster mushrooms and I want to be able to get have them year round.

I found a couple sites to get the spores or whatever they call them but nothing that will provide for year round. They are all limited to the life of the "culture".

willow 10-19-2007 06:13 PM

alass i can be of no need someone on the inside,
are there no mushroom forums ?

fish_4_all 10-19-2007 06:18 PM

Plenty if oyu want to grow Shroom, Hallucinagenic and other psychotropics, have yet to find one that focuses on the edible kinds. The ones on the "other" sites are quite the group. Those sites definately don't make for family conversation.

willow 10-19-2007 06:24 PM

yeah,you'd end up like "Dillon" from the "magic roundabout"

Mirta 10-20-2007 01:31 AM

I agree, fish forum people are a special kind with lots of other interests and higher intellectual development! :lol:

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