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fishyfishy86 12-20-2011 11:08 AM

Gravel siphoning
I may have already asked this, don't remember. How on earth are you meant to clean the gravel in a small tank with lots of plants? I can't get the hoover around the plants without pulling them out. Any suggestions?

spkehl 12-20-2011 02:23 PM

If you can find a small gravel vac or just use a wide piece of hose.

kangy 12-20-2011 02:52 PM

If you are planted leave the substrate alone. No need to vacuum it unless you are really over feeding.

Boredomb 12-20-2011 03:06 PM

Are these real plants or fake? If they are real then like Kangy has already said no need to vaccum the substrate. All the waste and fish food will provide nutrients to the plants. You can take the vacuum and siphon up as close the to the substrate as possible without touching it and be fine as long as you don't overfeeding.

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