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rmlynn 12-20-2011 01:38 AM

Eco-column In 10 Gallon Tanks
Back in High School, we performed an experiment in biology with three soda bottles stacked and interconnected. In total, it was a fully self sustaining ecosystem. Individually, there was a terrestrial section, a decomposition section, and an aquatic section.

Now that I'm older, I would like to make a larger and more complete system connecting 10 gallon tanks together. I've searched and searched online for anyone else who has done something like this, but I've had no luck...

Anyone here have any ideas or have ever done anything like this?


krish 12-21-2011 05:43 PM

that sounds awesome! i also snooped around, but it looks like no one else has tried this. i think you should just try on your own. You might want to add hardy fish like danios for the aquatic ecosystem, fence lizards for the terrestrial ecosystem, and maybe a few mushrooms & snails along with insects for the decomposition area. I also think a cooler idea would be to try and get insects to reproduce in there, so the fish and lizards can eat them, and it will be completely efficient. I think the insects will be able to thrive in a larger environment. I recommend crickets, because they're extremely stupid and will drown in water upto their feet so the fish will easily catch them. it might also work to have a sort of archipelago environment resembling Earth, with a large sea and big islands, some with caves and trees, others with dirt mounds and insects crawling. Hey I'm just spewing ideas. I think this is a great idea. Leave a message on my user page if you succeed. Best of luck!

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