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thePWNISHER 12-19-2011 08:45 PM

Live food for community tank for guppy fry
In my 29g, I had a Betta sorority just take a crash to columnaris (the 24hr death kind). Wiped all my girls, not even the QT'd ones made it. Only mid-upper lvl swimmers left are the guppies that I'd used to cycle the tank. The past month I decided to let them take over the tank since I don't have to buy more fish, they'll provide their own now that they are not providing fresh fry for my bettas. I just had a large drop about 30 fry. They are with about 10 guppies m/f that are leaving them be. The tank has driftwood and a lot of plants with some java moss on the driftwood so they've been getting by on them.

My question is that I was wondering are there any small fry foods that can live in a community tank? I have a filter so I know most microorganisms for say Daphnia would get eaten up so they would not be sustained, I was wondering if brine shrimp or infusoria or something could be added to the tank and be sustained from the plants and algae that naturally occur providing food for my fry when they are first hatched since I am not really separating them. For this batch I crushed my flakes down to smaller bits not purely powder mixed it with hikari first bite powder and that seems to be getting by right now. Still I was wondering if something live could be added to the tank so there is some variation than flakes for my fry.

Fishguy2727 12-21-2011 10:46 PM

IME live plants bring in and sustain microfauna and have a positive impact on fry. I would try ancharis, hornwort, cabomba, etc. See how they do in your tank.

zof 12-22-2011 12:12 AM

Agreed the best long term self sustaining live food for fry is the ones that come into the tank naturally of which you will probably never actually see. Just give them plenty of places to reproduce and live and it will be a good supplement, but keep going with the dry food too. Most of the live foods we normally use to feed fry will not survive let alone be prolific very long in water/fresh water, let nature provide what it can and then supplement the rest.

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