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allymack 12-19-2011 04:53 PM

pale pleco
We have a common pleco, about 5 month old, and has been doing great up until now. He has been spending alot of time hiding and not out and sucking around like her normally did. When I lifted up his hiding spot today (to make sure he was still alive) he was alive but had alot of pale spots on him. will try to get a picture if he comes out. We thought it might be because our rosie barbs are going to be breeding soon, would that be a possible reason. We are afraid he is going to starve since he doesnt come out to eat.

allymack 12-19-2011 05:19 PM

here is a picture of him, he used to be all dark grey in colour but now as you can see he has lighter patches

1077 12-20-2011 02:15 AM

Fishes color's change as they mature.
Appear's the fish is eating as evidenced by the waste (poop ) in the photo.
Keep up with weekly water change ,provide proper food's,large enough tank for fish to continue to grow,and he/she will do well.
Many of these fishes are most active at night so dropping some pellet food,algae wafer's,bit's of krill,shrimp,or flakes after the light's are off and tank is dark,will prevent other fishes from eating it all before the pleco can feed.
Common pleco's can grow very large ,up to a foot long or better, so they need lot's of room.
They also create lot's of waste(poo), so weekly water change each week is needed to dilute,remove ,toxins which are produced if poop,food,is allowed to build up.
Fish looks fine to me.

Pleco poo to you!

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