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SomeDudeAtHome 12-17-2011 09:44 PM

Dwarf Cichlid Suitable for a nano?
I'm starting a nano in a either 30 or 40 something gallon tank and was wondering if there's a dwarf cichlid that is suitable for a tank like that. In it I will have a school of a small tetra (cardinal, neon, or ember) school of C. Habrosus, and I'm trying to figure out another fish or two to help fill the tank. But anyway I was wondering if there was a cichlid that would make a good center piece fish. I realize the fish I've listed are pretty small and the cichlid would be really big against them but if there's one that's peaceful enough to live with such tiny fish. I know Kribensis couldn't but maybe checkerboard? There's also once that likes to live in shells I can't remember the name of right now that might work. Just looking for some input. I know during breeding would be a problem but this tank will be heavily planted with lots of driftwood and things.

Byron 12-18-2011 01:42 PM

The "shellies" from Lake Tanganyika wold not work in your tank; they need hard water and your listed fish require soft water.

But there are some South American dwarf cichlids that can work. The Apistogramma genus contains dozens of species; some remain relative small, some a bit larger. The only species in our profiles so far is the most commonly seen, Apistogramma cacutoides. As noted in that profile, one male with 2-3 females can manage in a 24-inch tank, 30 inches would be better. Many of the other Apisto species would be similar in requirements. Some might be more demanding with respect to water parameters.

My favs are the species in Dicrossus, two of which are in the profiles, Dicrossus filamentosus and Dicrossus maculatus. Auntkymmie has the former; I have had them but a long time ago and haven't seen them locally for some time.

SomeDudeAtHome 12-18-2011 09:00 PM

Thanks Byron I'm glad to hear it could work out without losing fish. Also glad that the checkerboard cichlids could work I love the way they look. I've never seen them locally but have a very trustworthy LFS that could get some for me I'm sure.

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