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GoldfishRsoDelicious 12-17-2011 02:51 PM

Cichlid 100 gallon
I have provided links to my aquarium videos. I have an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, a Parrotfish, and an Oscar in a 100 gallon tank. Check out my youtube videos and let me know what you think. My youtube username is GoldfishRsoDelicious and I have provided the links below.

1077 12-17-2011 08:57 PM

Normally would not comment but since you asked,,,
I think offering feeder fish on occasion is acceptable only if you are raising the Feeder fish and offering the feeder fish high quality food's.
If the feeder's are store bought, then this is one of the quickest way's I know to introduce disease ,parasite's, to the fish that eat's them.
Much more nutritional, prepared food's available.
Have seen large fish refuse to eat more nutritional food's once feeder fish make the menu, and Thiaminase content of feeder's if offered on regular basis ,can actually work to the detriment of fishes like the Oscar's and Dempsey's health by working to deplete needed vitamins.
Just my two cent's.

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