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noledoc 12-14-2011 09:29 PM

Is there a market for Frogbit? Riccia?
I've been invaded by Frogbit. I am throwing it away weekly by the hand fulls. It is beautiful, healthy and . . It's everywhere! I saw that someone on EBay was selling it for $7 for ten plants. This means I've thrown away hundreds of dollars in the two months.
I've also grown about three square feet of Riccia, rich, thick and I'm running out of tubs. :hmm:
I've never sold plants/fish and it seems lots of time required for a small return. Am I wrong?
Anyway. . Help!

Mikaila31 12-14-2011 11:53 PM

Frogbit is basically worthless IMO. Ricca on the other hand may be worth something. I use to sell plants on ebay in the summer. Once you have a system its not that much work. I just sold trimmings or extras I had at the end of every week. Just one sale with at least 6 different kinds of plants. Only did it in the summer since its a PITA to ship in the winter. I relisted the same auction every week and had it run so it ended on Fridays or Saturdays that way I could usually ship Monday or Tuesday. Shipping plants isn't cheap though. Even priority shipping its $7-8 depending on how far. Return varies a lot. Its quiet amazing how much it can vary on an auction site like ebay. Then again I never set minimum bids since I didn't really care. Basically I could ship a box every week or I could toss plants in the garbage, which I still do every week lol. Generally I got $8-11 a week on average not counting shipping costs. Though the same exact box has gone as low as $1.50 and as high as $20 lol.

Meh in the end it saved a lot of plants from going to waste and could at least pay for some upkeep on the tanks. I never had any issues with the boxes I have shipped. I send a LOT of plants and snails though, usually along with a couple free cherry shrimp I never mention in the auction. Mainly because cherrys are pretty worthless locally since we have a big aquarium society, every one has them.

Selling fish is a lot more challenging then plants.

Nubster 12-15-2011 03:26 PM

Try selling on a more active site like The Planted Tank Forum. People sell both there pretty often. It's usually not for much but as long as it's a couple dollars in your pocket and worth your time to package and ship, it's better than just throwing the stuff out.

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