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TetraAquaria 12-14-2011 08:34 PM

Guppy breeding.. any advice?
I really want to start breeding guppies, but I'm not quite sure what to do!
I know they are live-bearing fish, as well as tropical.
I just have these questions:
Can I use only one tank when breeding my guppies?
What do I feed the fry?
If you have any other advice for a beginning breeder let me know!
Current supplies:
20 gallon tank
Plastic Plants

My little sister has feeder guppies they kinda poop out babies every once in a while, so my mom said I could breed Fancy guppies to sell to the pet store and stuff...



SnailM 12-14-2011 09:22 PM

I think you will have no problems breeding your guppies, indeed you may have more problems keeping them from reproducing. The baby fish are most vulnerable immediately after being born, because of their erratic swimming. But if they find a hiding spot, they have a decent chance of survival.
I was fishing the fry out when I found any in my community tank and placed them in a separate tank without any larger fish that can prey on them. But if you choose to leave them in your tank, you will lose some, but chances are that a good number will still survive. Of course for breeding purposes, a separate tank would be best. Fry like a slightly higher water temperature than adult fish and they need to be fed many times during the day. Also, if you leave them in the community tank, you may end up with too many fish in the tank and hence and overwhelming bioload.

I read that baby brine shrimp is a good food for fry. I fed my fry "baby bites", which is dry powdered food. They also will eat finely crumbled flake food. That being said, I read that professional breeders who want to breed high quality fish would likely not feed them the same flake food they feed their adult fish.
As for selling your fry to the local fish store...please let me know how that goes. I was told by my fish store staff that my 1 and 2 month old baby guppies will likely end up as feeder fish, since they are not large enough yet to display the pretty colors that would make people want to buy them. Also, even if I waited for them to become adults, I would not even get store credit, leave alone money. I hope you have more luck with that. Perhaps you should consult with your pet store owners if they would consider buying from you before you invest time and effort into breeding.

Good luck and have fun!

TetraAquaria 12-14-2011 09:46 PM

We have a larger tank with an oscar in it and I'll probably end up feeding unsellable ones and ones I don't have room for to.
I might buy 2 5Gallons to hold the smaller fry in,.
I'll call my LFS and see if they would take 5-6 month old guppies.

I'll check petco and try to get my hands on some baby brine shrimp as well!



Cole mccallister 11-26-2012 12:26 PM

what I do for my newborn and older fry is pulverize betta pellets into powder mix with smashed adult flake food and put it in also left overs are eaten constantly so you only have to put food in when they run out.

beaslbob 11-29-2012 11:55 AM

On my 10g or so heavily planted tanks I basically do nothing.

the fry hide in the plants, get food, and do just fine.

my last tank I started with a trio of 1/2 blacks. Just the common "fancy" guppies from pets mart. After 6 months or so I had basically a stable population of 30-40 guppies which over the years would have about 1/2 dozen or so reproducing adults. Every few months I would harvest some for other aquariumists. The tank ran for 9 years.

Sherry1966 11-30-2012 11:46 AM

I am starting to breed guppies. I have my originals in my 45g right now. I am cycling a 30g right now. Gonna use that one for my females, leave the males in the 45g, I will have my 2 10g tanks for grow outs. Any " others " will go in my big 55g with my angels. Around here, all the LFS will not take any baby fish from just anybody. Just from the wholesalers they say. So Kijiji it will be when the time comes to sell some. Kijiji here is like craigs list down south.
I may have to get a couple more tanks if I do this right.
MTS oh boy....
I just use first bites to feed babies. If they are on the bottom the flakes from the adults get to the bottom to feed them usually.
I am looking into right now, BBS hatcheries. Trying to get into this with both feet.

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