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Stoke88 12-11-2011 06:30 PM

Can Someone identify this Rasbora?
My fiancee and I went to the LFS the other night to stock her 10g. We bought some Galaxy Rasboras and in the tank were another type of Rasbora that is very similar in size and shape as the Galaxy's just with a different pattern. I also noticed that this "unknown" Rasbora's fins move much quicker than the Galaxy's. Almost as fast as her Pencilfish's fins making it stay still like the Pencilfish. It has a tiger type vertical stripes on its side, a blueish greyish color and about an inch long. I'll attach some pictures for viewing but there not great. The little sucker would sit still for 2 seconds. Any help is apprciated.
Upper right.
Front and center.

Quantum 12-11-2011 07:01 PM

Hard to say, maybe Danio erythromicron? Does it have a spot at the base of its tail?

Stoke88 12-11-2011 07:15 PM

It doesn't have a spot on or near its tail.

Byron 12-12-2011 06:15 PM

I think that is Danio erythromicron, the common name Emerald Dwarf Rasbora. It is in our profiles (click the shaded name). No point in my repeating the profile blurb.:-) At least the fish in the lower photo is. I must confess, the fish in the upper photo doesn't quite look the same, but it may just be a distortion due to a quick turn in swimming as the photo was taken.


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