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Only One Haze 12-10-2011 05:36 PM

Melanistic Cory?
I am out of town visiting in laws so I stopped by my mother in laws LFS Driftwood Aquatics in Tappahannock VA. They have some nice stuff, mainly the basics, but then I saw some cories that I had never seen before. They were labeled as Melanistic Cory. They are pretty dark in color and have a tan stripe on them running top to bottom about midway down their back down toward the front to just behind the eyes I think it was. Anyone ever seen these or have any info on them. I am planning one grabbing a group of 5 tomorrow on our way back home. I will see if they are still open and try to get a pic and the scientific name tonight if at all possible. Thanks!

Byron 12-11-2011 05:56 PM

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"Melanstic" presumably has some reference to dark pigmentation. There is a species Corydoras melanistius, but it is one of the spotted ones, not as you describe; see photo below.

Is the stripe directly on the dorsal ridge, or more along the side of the fish such that it is distinct on either side and divided by dark colouring on the dorsal ridge itself? I'm wondering if this might be one of the Corydoras sp. cf. aeneus variants (natural) with common names like Peru Gold Stripe, Red Stripe, Green Stripe, etc. Photo of one of these attached.

Common names are usually next to useless, so a scientific name would certainly help, although the species may not yet be desc ribed; there are many "C" numbered corys awaiting description and naming.


Only One Haze 12-11-2011 06:44 PM

Definitely Corydoras Melanistius. For some reason I was thinking the back half was almost a solid color but they are spotted.

Here are some shots of mine:

These little guys are awesome! Got a nice group of 5 and they really liven up the place!

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