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zoeb2912 12-10-2011 03:19 PM

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Hi all , I am new to the fish keeping world and wondered if you could tell me if i have males/ females or mixture? also i wondered if any of them are pregnant. thanks

SnailM 12-14-2011 09:47 PM

I think your 2nd and 5th picture show female guppies. The way you can keep males and females apart is by looking for the following things:

1. Anal fin - female fish have a fan (triangular) shaped fin on the bottom while males have an elongated "tube"
2. Gravid spot - only females have this spot, which is above their anal fin. It is a dark spot where the baby fish are. That is also a way to see if your fish is pregnant.She will be thick and have this dark spot. At later stages of her pregnancy you may be able to see the tiny fry.
3. Caudal fin - this back fin will be smaller and less colorful in females.

As a rule of thumb, adult females will be larger and less colorful than the males. Also, if you have adult females and males in the same tank, the females are pregnant for sure. Even if you do not have males, the females may be pregnant, if they have been kept in the same tank with males at the pet store.

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