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kangy 12-10-2011 12:12 AM

Black skirt mixed with white skirt
I have a non planted (hopefully changing soon) 10g in the bedroom, very basic setup, it is heavy in silk plants (took all of them out of my 29g when I planted it). I currently have 2 Black and 2 White (both high-fin tetra, I was going to get one more of each this weekend to up it to a total of 6. So far they seem to be getting along just fine, the two black skirts hang out together more while both white skirts seem content on spending a lot time alone. My wife wanted "his and hers" fish for the bedroom this was the best combo I could come up with haha. I'm really liking the fish so far, they are fun to watch and are rather exploratory.

Any issues with mixing black and white high-fin's?

Byron 12-10-2011 04:20 PM

They are the same species. The white is simply a variation (man-made, not natural) so they will consider each other as the same.

In time a 10g will be cramped quarters for this tetra, it does grow. It may get nippy with each other, this frequently occurs when fish feel crowded. Just so you know.


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