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tlyons01 12-08-2011 10:08 PM

looking for advice on rain gutter DIY lighting
I found this thread while researching this project,

Does anyone happen to know of a video that covers this project or something similar? I have to say I like the idea and the look of the finished project, but I have never wired anything before. I have found myself doing simple "man" projects around the home, like replacing faucets and pipes etc, but never anything electrical. I am interested because I have a 36" wide 42 gallon bowfront that was given to us with a 30" single tube light fixture, and this is just not enough lighting. I am adding live plants and need something stronger. I currently went out and purchased 2 bayco clamp lights, 8.5". I don't care for them to sit on top of the glass, so I am looking at my alternatives. If I were to proceed with the materials that I have, would I be able to use the sockets from the clamp lights, or will they be useless for this? If anyone has advice, I am all ears. I learn quick but I am a visual learner more than anything, pictures are good but sometimes I need to see the actions to get it....:roll:

Thanks in advance for any input

zof 12-09-2011 02:44 PM

The easiest way to get started on a project like this is to go buy all the parts and start assembling and figuring out what your missing as you go (2-4 trips to hardware store is average for a project like this :-) ). If your able to use the socket on your current lights is all about if they will fit and you can find a good way to mount them to the fixture. So it all depends on what you are using so each build will probably be a little different. And if you are using corded lights you can skip the electrical part if you want by just keeping the cords intact and plugging them into a power strip.

I'm sure there is a video out on youtube of this or something similar but I have never looked for one. Check my thread on the gutter light in my sig, it has links to a couple other posts on here to about it. Let us know at what point you are getting stuck on and we will be more then happy to offer our knowledge.

tlyons01 12-09-2011 10:49 PM

ok, thanks so much for your advice and taking the time to read my dilemma. I appreciate the offer for help, and will absolutely be using it. The hubs thinks he may have a plan for this, but we shall see. I wasn't expecting him to help out at all, so I am hopeful to have this completed by this weekend. I did read over the threads and I guess you are right, if I had the materials in front of me, it might actually make sense. Looking forward to future postings and I love reading these threads, cause I learn so much. This is the best forum I have come across. Thanks again, Zof

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