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dieseldoc 12-05-2011 09:42 PM

Lighting Comments
Since I do a lot of trolling here for information and little posting I have to say this forum and the people here are an invaluable source.
Last year I planted my 60 gallon hex and had nothing but trouble getting the plants to grow, they always died or melted away with in a month or two. In June I had to tear it down because it needed to be resealed as it is almost 20 years old. Since there wasn't much for stock in it I was able to transfer every thing else to a used 29 gallon tank that was given to me. The light that came with this tank had a single tube T8 rated at 6500K 24" long. I haven't had and actual plant problem with the exception of an algee issue that I never had before (all the water parameters are where they should be). I was reading last night that old bulbs can give you an algee problem. So tonight I was on a mission to find a replacement bulb. I was unable to find T8 6500K 24" long at any of the hardware stores around. What I learned was that those are one of hardest one to find with out going to the LFS. My solution was to replace it with a T12 6500K 24" long bulb and a new FS2 starter.I still saved about 10 bucks going this route versus the LFS. What I have also noticed since I replaced the bulb is that the fish appear richer in color.
So the 60 hex has been up and running with no stock or plants for about the last 3 months (wasn't sure I could trust my first reseal job right away). Saturday I added some plants. Sunday night after reading about lighting I took a look at what the LFS had sold me for bulbs when I switched to live plants. What they sold me was T8 at 8000K 18" long and there are 3 of them in the fixture. So needless to say those came out tonight and were replaced with T8 6500K 18" long. After installing the new tubes I am surprised the fish were not begging me for sunglasses because it was so bright in this tank with the old bulbs.
That being said I just want to say thanks for the help it is much appreciated. :-D

Calmwaters 12-06-2011 09:45 AM

Thats great news. Glad we could be of help.

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