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GregV 10-11-2007 02:29 PM

55 Long List.
Hey Guys, I just Got my 55 long and was looking for input on what to put in. A general list i was looking at looks something like this

The tank dementions are 48x12x21, the base is sand and it will be heavily planted with low light plants if all goes well.

The tank will be pretty well filtered aswell, 2 pengiun 150s and an emporor 280 will be used, I may upgrade to just a second 280 later on.

Here is the list im considereing

2 Rams (not sure which speicies i want yet)
3 Apistogramma (again havent seleted the species)
12-25 cadinals
8 hatchets
8-12 celestial pear danios (galaxy rasbora)
1-2 dwarf Ottocinclus
and a peaceful school of bottom dwellers havent selected a species

and i really want a betta but i would anticipate possible problems with that.

any sugestions of speices for this tank would be apreciaited, IE something you think that would be nice to have, or incompatibility issues etc.

thanks for the advice


Lupin 10-11-2007 05:22 PM

Your stocklist list is okay however otos should be added anyway. Why would you keep 1-2 only? For a large tank, there is considerable amount of space for 6. Other bottom dweller suggestions are simply the corydoras, aspidoras, bronchis, loaches (which species) and small species of plecs.

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