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fish4ever 12-03-2011 02:52 PM

Giant aquarium setup help
Hello, me and my dad are getting a 75-200 gallon aquarium to put our clown knife, tinfoil barb, and 2 columbian sharks in. They are still pretty small and are currently in a 45 gallon tank. There is also a blue gourami, and bumblee catfish in the tank but they won't be moving to the larger tank. What size tank would be the best? Currently I feed them beefheart, bloodworms, pellets, and flakes. What should I feed them when they get larger? I know feeder fish could infect your fish but thats what most people feed theirs. What filter would work well? Also we may want to add some more tankmates. Would an oscar work? Also what are some other good tankmates? Thank You!

jeaninel 12-03-2011 06:37 PM

Clown Knives get very large. I would get at least a 6 ft x 24" width tank so something like a 180 gallon with a canister filter such as a Fluval FX5.

Also, the Columbian Shark needs brackish water so not a good fit with the other fish

fish4ever 12-04-2011 11:41 AM

Thank you, but I know the size of the clown knife. He is the main reson I am getting a larger tank. I got him from the pet store because he was overstocked with at least 10 other larger knives, and about 5 red tailed catfish. They were all crammed together in a 45 gallon tank. Alot had deseases and the water was really bad and cloudy. There was no hiding spots and the fish were fighting. So I got one of the smallest ones. I don't think any animal deserves to live in that condition. Me and my dad do many water changes because they are such dirty fish. I have already lost a pair of columbian sharks most likely because of the water not being brackish. I have some salt in the tank but not alot because the knife fish is scaleless and can't salt hurt him? I also heard that the sharks have to be in full saltwater when they get older, is that true? Also what other fish could I eventually add? But for now everyone seems to be doing fine. Thank you for your help I appreciate it!

Byron 12-08-2011 06:44 PM

While buying a larger tank is a good step, it does not solve all the issues. You have fish that really are not compatible. Knifefish need quiet and dark, being mainly nocturnal. Tinfoil Barb need a group of 6 to prevent trouble, and attaining 14 inches they need a 200+ gallon tank, and they are quite active and need more water current. You can read more in the profile, click the shaded name.

Neither the knifefish nor the Tinfoils should be exposed to salt. They are soft water fish.

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