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ordinaryoddity 10-10-2007 12:41 PM

new, want to start a paludarium
hey guys, ive kept a goldfish tank for a while and am now getting interested in starting a paludarium.

ive been all over the internet researching as much as i can, but still cant seem to find any good sources that explain compatibility between different species.

i want to have as much as of 'community' tank as possible, with many different species coexisting, mostly frogs/toads and fish.

im interested in firebellied toads, but know those are pretty toxic when it comes to tank mates.

i guess what im really posting for is to see what species you keep in your paludariums together.

maybe there are species that mostly stay in the water, and ones that mostly stay on land that can be together?

any help would be much appreciated,
thanks a lot,


Jen_S 10-10-2007 09:38 PM

I have a California newt, a firebelly newt, 2 dojo loaches, 3 goldfish, and 5 snails in my tank. I use the turtle dock and a piece of driftwood for the newts to come out on. Thye seem to get along fine at this point but I will eventually get the goldfish and loaches a bigger tank when they get too large for the one they're in now :)

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