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mileshs95 11-26-2011 10:28 PM

Breeding Guppies
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Hello, i got two guppies today (male and female) and i want to know how to breed them. First, typically how old are guppies when you buy them from the pet store? Mine are about an inch long including fins. I think the red one is the male and yellow is the female but i don't quite remember. Any info on breeding these fish would be appreciated. thanks!

platyfishlover123 11-27-2011 03:16 PM

The yellow is male from the picture, but the red seems also male. You may have bought 2 male guppies, because the females usually do not have color. How big is your tank and how many tanks do you have?

mileshs95 11-27-2011 03:38 PM

they are in a 10g tank and i have another 20g. they were in seperate tanks at the pet store, one tank was male and the other female. ill try and take a better pic of the red one, they just won't stay still, haha

mileshs95 11-27-2011 03:48 PM

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here is the red one

platyfishlover123 11-27-2011 07:56 PM

Yep i think the red is the female and the yellow is male. I actually own 3 guppies 2 female 1 male and the females recently gave birth to 25 or more fry. Really you should consider getting another female for the male will only harass the one you have causing a lot of stress on her which could lead to death. BUt when it comes to breeding guppies all you need is a male and female guppy and in a month babies will be plentiful.

Ridewithme38 11-27-2011 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by mileshs95 (Post 904099)
Any info on breeding these fish would be appreciated. thanks!

You see, when a mommy and a daddy guppy love each other very much, the Fish stocking fairy will come down and place many many fry in the tummy of the mommy 2-3 months a wonderful miracle will come and make all the little guppy fry be born

Lynxinater 11-27-2011 10:51 PM

Female guppies do to have color.... Every one of my females is orange or yellow... They're just not nearly as pretty was the fancy males. And yes you need two more females, or that one will get picked to death. And honestly.... It's harder to keep these fish from breeding than it is to breed them.... put them in a tank with clean water... and keep good water quality and you'll have babies galore. Be warned though, they do eat their fry, so if you wanna keep them alive have somewhere for them to hide.

mileshs95 11-28-2011 01:54 PM

when do guppies become sexually mature?

Lynxinater 11-28-2011 01:58 PM

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mileshs95 11-28-2011 02:33 PM

3 months from the time they are born, or 3 months from the time they are purchased in the pet store? if the latter, how old are my guppies if they are 1 in?

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